e:mail me
and instructions
no appointment, please show up any time
during store hours and we will help you
with your projects, or get you started on
something new,
no experience and beginners are welcome
to join us and we will work with you to
find something that you want to make, I
have jewelry in the shop that I made and
you can get ideas from that.
I am not running my shop like a store front
,For me it is the whole experience and a
good place to come to and hang out and
I have 3 tables that is for my customers to
sit and work Together it is a good feeling to
make something with your hands and it is
very calming and relaxing. For me it is my
second home
and everybody is welcome to
join me and all the regular Bead Girls
hope to see you, when you have some time
to come in and visit.
Thank you,
(802) 425-4222