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Charmed by helena
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Making Jewelry is very Relaxing & Fun and most
customers find it very  Therapeutic
Semiprecious stones & pearls by the strand or by the piece.
I love natural stones so you will find many styles and often only 2
of each strand or Pendants. I like to have new stones every week.
I just buy what I like and what my customers ask me to get.
It is so great to come in and find new things that I have search for
and bought for us. You never know what I will bring and it is
always a surprise for you!
(802) 425-4222
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e:mail me
HillTribe Sterling Silver Beads
,Bali Silver & Vermeil
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We Have
to Charlotte
Beads & Things new Location
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These photos are from my last location.
I left them up so you can see my inventory.
They will be replaced with new ones soon
New Location,
5757 Greenbush Road, Charlotte, VT 0554

New Phone Number,
( Jim 310-9543)

Please come and see us at the new location,
We look forward to seeing our old friends and our new ones too.
We are happy to be able to reopen and want to thank all of you
who have stuck with us during this transitional period.

We have most of the construction completed but you still might
find some sawdust or missing trim  but the beads are here and so
are we,
Stop and see us soon,
Helena and Jim

Appointments are available during the week,
please call us anytime
 Jim 310-9543
CLOSED this weekend,Sun 19:th and Sat
Saturday 11-5 ~ Sunday 11-5
Jim will work every weekend
and Helena will work as much as she can.